Video Kills The SEO Stars – What You Need To Know About Video Marketing To Win Big

Digital marketing is critical to any business. It does not matter if it is for profit or not, whether you are an online seller or a charity you need to get your message out to where people are doing their looking, and that is the internet.

In line with that you also need to be putting your bait where the fish are feeding so to speak. In other words, be findable by the main search engines and tools that are in use today. Not only findable but definitely within the first page or two as well.

Nobody has time these days for long, detailed build ups of information. You have only seconds to grab and hold people’s attention online and get them to focus on what it is you are trying to sell. The figure often bandied about is fifteen seconds before people will look away and carry on their search. There are so many options out there available to your customers that you have to be able to differentiate yourself fast and stand out from the background noise.

With all that in mind we approached Darren Woods, SEO specialist at Smoking Chili Media to ask him if there was any hope for the little guys in this environment.

“So many of our clients come in focused on text content and links. They all seem to forget the obvious trick of video. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. Getting a well-made video up and ranking has a massive impact on visibility.”

Yes, you heard it right. As Darren says YouTube is second only to Google in terms of search volume. It currently has over 2 billion logged in users every month, that is actually logged into accounts not just browsing casually. So a video posted on YouTube has a large audience already.

Not only is YouTube the second largest search engine but guess who owns it? That’s right. Google! Now the Google search algorithms are proprietary and closely guarded secrets, but we think it is pretty likely that if you have something on Googles subsidiary company, YouTube, then Google search itself is probably going to give it a bit more weight.

Check out the research site Google Think With Data, Google’s own US data for the years 2017 to 2018 showed video searches more than doubling and it has only grown since then. Recent surveys showed 50% of electronics shoppers bought products they discovered on YouTube, 70% of shoppers for car products said online videos helped them. The trend and the message seem to be pretty clear. Video is definitely what the people want, and it drives actions from viewers.

With that in mind why would you not take advantage of this format? In many niches this can set your site or offering apart from your competitors and give you a huge comparative advantage when it comes to visibility and being found.

Bear in mind also that videos themselves can be tweaked to aid digital marketing with all sorts of techniques and can link to your site driving direct, interested traffic.