Paid Adverts – AdWords vs Facebook

Google AdWords is the most popular as well as the world’s largest Pay per Click platform. It is used by many businesses across the globe. It has been synonymously termed as the paid search. It mainly targets the keywords as well as text-based advertisement. AdWords users target keywords and specific phrases, and they do this hoping that those ads will be displayed on people’s search results once they search about that specific keyword or the particular phrase.

Facebook is also known as the paid social. It is basically the practice of advertising products or services on social networks. Many businesses are nowadays using Facebook to market themselves; this has made it become a very competitive platform. Unlike Google AdWords, paid social helps people to find the specific businesses that they have interest in. In other words, AdWords helps you to find new customers while Facebook helps new customers to locate and find you.

Benefits of Google AdWords

One of its main benefits is the vast reach. It handles up to 40,000 and more search queries in a second. It is a completely sophisticated platform and reliable to users. It comes along with accurate search results which leave the searches satisfied and fulfilled, and no other platform can manage such vast results as Google, no wonder it is very popular, unlike other platforms.

AdWords depend on the relevance and quality of an advert; it does not depend on the amount of money a seller pays to place his product up for sale. The more relevant your ad is to the users the higher your ranking. Therefore, it is important to note that AdWords rewards relevance as well as quality among other available factors.

It also has a wide range of ad formats, and it has even gone ahead to introduce ad formats that are tailored to the unique needs of some specific types of businesses. These include businesses like vehicle manufacturers and hotels. It does not matter what you sell, what matters is that there is an ad format that can make your services and goods to look more appealing to the target customers.

Benefits of Facebook ads

It boasts of a large number of audiences, it totals to 1.55billion people who use it on a monthly basis, remember, that is just the active users, the inactive and the infrequent users are not included. Many people use the Facebook platform to share a lot of things, from sadness to happy moments of their life. This is where buyers can post whatever they are selling for customers to see, and customers upon seeing these products or services, they may embark on the journey of seeking those services or products.

Unlike other platforms, Facebook ads are very visual, they can be accompanied by a video or a picture, which is great for businesses providing designer lashes, wedding cakes, luxury holidays, or anything else that in demonstrated well through the power of imagery, rather than just words. or this will not only allow the advertisers to bring to the table only the persuasive qualities, but he or she will also be in a position to make the high-quality ad look very compelling by conveying the inspirational message.